I have 22 years of experience reading tarot cards and am a trained yoga teacher, witch, meditator, and student of astrology who weaves together these disciplines to form piercing insights.

I am now offering tarot readings to the public! I harness my knowledge of esotericism, meditation, numerology, and astrology in my readings to form a holistic picture of the topic at hand, helping to understand the interconnectedness of the cards as well as the various facets of our lives. My readings are direct and to-the-point, but always supportive of you and your goals.

Here’s what you can expect from a reading from me: rather than a live session you will receive a detailed written interpretation via your chosen delivery method. You will pick a date and time, and I will deliver your reading to you *by that time*. You then will have the opportunity to explore your reading at your own pace and reach out to me with any questions that might arise.

Full Tarot Reading

A longer reading tailored to your specific circumstances. You choose the topic and I will design a spread around it. Particularly good for deep-dives or long-term planning.

Mini Tarot Reading

Up to 5 cards for a quick hit of insight.

“[I received] some confirmations and clarifications to trust certain processes… it was very insightful.”

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