I am excited to provide a range of yoga styles to meet the needs of my clients.

Hatha – focusing on body alignment, poses are held for longer periods of time to facilitate deep stretching, release, and relaxation. For beginners to advanced practitioners, this style of yoga is also beneficial for building endurance.

Vinyasa – typically a flowing, athletic style of yoga. Practitioners gracefully move from one posture to another with each breath. While vinyasa flows can be very advanced, they are adaptable to even complete beginners. This style not only stretches and tones the body, but can provide a cardiovascular workout as well.

Restorative – a deeply relaxing, restful practice that is especially beneficial for easing mental and physical stress. Pillows and other props are used to support the body while the practitioner releases all body tension to gravity.

For private sessions, I am happy to customize sequences that draw from any of the styles above. Whether your intention is to reap the physical benefits of yoga, and/or to cultivate a meditative practice, I will design a program to help you reach your personal goals.